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"The Chiton"
Design and the Public Realm (M.Arch Studio)
Sparks Street, Ottawa 

Design Development

The Chiton and The Slowcoaster


  1. Both are geared towards the protection of children and adults from unsafe air possibly contaminated from the effects of a pandemic or epidemic such as the one we are in.

  2. The former (the CHITON) is an individual boy wear that can be use in three stage

    • The first is a headwear that is a laminate safe glass and is airtight to the face with a “rubber” that is a filter. It also has access to air tube.

    • The second (the Chiton) is he storage device and the partial top body cover (open at the hip) for protection were the mask full effect.

    • The third is a full body enclosure design for anyone, but, for those children and adults with respiratory immunodeficient illnesses.

  3. The latter (The SLOWCOASTER/ slow roller coaster) is the slow amusement ride aimed for urban renewal and economic recovery of Sparks Street. It is largely and architectural and structural intervention that provides a safe enclosed space for sky high city tours/ viewing.

The Chiton - Biomimicry Design Architecture 

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