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Lower Town Assignment ARCH 4002 410dalhousie O Melhado 101131245.jpg


The projects are a testament to my interests in design, materiality, culture, and spatial changes over time. They emphasize my obligation to fulfill professional growth. With this desire, knowing why I engage in design testation reinforces my commitment to meeting goals while creating new relevance to the space used by those whom I create for, and for the recognition of the presence of the unobserved.

Architecture has moved away from preconceptions, and so have I. Now equipped with new tools to establish my goals in design, project management, and conservation, I can translate my significant experience with the new contemporary theories learned and more advanced technical training I’ve acquired into the performance of activities for a wide range of situations. Complimentary to this the opportunities I have to now rationalize historic consecration methods within the Canadian and wider North American context.

Below is a preview of selected projects that demonstrate recent explorations and my emerging abilities. 

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