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An Imaginary Reconstruction of Africville (Pt. 1): Mapping and Placemaking (2022/ 23)
- Masters Thesis

Thesis document on Carleton University's Curve  link here 

 Image Credit: The Nova Scotia & Halifax Archives 
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Through a counternarrative lens, the project explores forms of memory, re-memory, and resistance in making, speculative social and traditional interventions in a wider context of black memorials and spaces across the Americas. It includes utilizing pedagogical lessons learned in architectural design and conservation, which would position the project’s proposal towards reinterpreting the Afro-Canadian experience within a responsive and engaging historic and contemporary framework

Road, highway and train line through site. 

Image Credit: Google Earth

The Negro Map 

The Sublime Map 

The Resistance Map 

The Extraction Map 

Toni Morrison calls the work of remembering in the midst of ongoing colonial violence and denial, the work of “re-memory”.

Resistance Spatial Reclaim 

Reconstructed Spatiality 

Project Gallery 

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