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 Conservation, Restoration & Preservation

Advanced Research in Theories and Methodologies of Conservation, Restoration & Preservation, and Heritage Planning

Through Otmar's experience and recent academic upgrading, he is better equipped to continue to do work to assess the condition and significance of historic buildings to propose and implement solutions for conservation and adaptation. The scope of his work is an expression of his keen knowledge of history, culture, and architecture, as well as his willingness to push the boundaries for repair and not to scrape. There were instances when it was imperative to balance the expectations of the client so, measures akin to the total reconstruction adding newness value, and preserving the original to the greatest degree possible were employed.  This open-ended approach is a means of respecting built heritage on a case-by-case basis, providing options for alternatives and sometimes unpopular methodologies to "standard" conservation practices. The outcomes typically produce extraordinary results from creative and sensitive approaches to a wider necessary path through research and value-centric prescriptive on heritage planning. 


Skills: Architectural Heritage Conservation and Design, Restoration, Preservation, and Adaptive Reuse & Archaeological Repairs​​​ 

  • Adaptive Reuse Design and Site Evaluations

  • ​Conservation Point Cloud Scanning

  • Photography, Measured Surveys

  • Non-Destructive Testing, Photogrammetry

  • Design Research and Construction Documents

  • Surveys, Tangible and Intangible Studies and Investigations, Specifications, Reports

  • Artistic Presentations

  • Theoretic and Historic Assessment Writing and Proposals Preparation​

  • Project Document Writing For Funding and Heritage Designation

  • Heritage Guideline Development and Propositions 

As a former Senior Departmental Architectural Project Manager and Divisional Heritage Director in Government, he excelled in stewarding multidisciplinary conservation project teams in his own Agency as well as simultaneously with other Private Consultants, Agencies, and Ministries. The depth of his contribution extends to his contribution to the extension and revision of National and local heritage guidelines, and studying the Standards and Guidelines for the Conservation of Historic Places in Canada for implementation for future practices and learning from past academic interpretation. 

Along with working acidulously and gaining satisfaction in preserving and enhancing the beauty, variety, and legacy of historic buildings in both Jamaica and now in Canada, he relishes the periodic opportunities to contribute to the socio-cultural diversity of the people of Canada and the benefits of the conservation of the built heritage in the natural environment. 

Please see the gallery below of some of the academic and professional conservation projects that I have been involved in the last twenty-five years.

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