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Barcelona Urbanism & The Factory of the Future

Barcelona has been a city of experimentation and invention in urban planning throughout modernity. The mantero has left his mark of survival - run with it! 

Barcelona Urban Traces - The Agency of Mapping
- the reshaping and the action of response. 

Three people are in the room, Architect Lebbeus Woods, a Jamaican Jonkanoo masquerader with his colorful Euro-Afro abstracted patches, and Deborah Batt with her art that has meaning that can influence architecture. It all culminates with this arts and crafts brutalist landscape-like facade... be open-minded!

Factory Elevation

OUTSIDE warehousePERSPECTIVE1 final v6.3 final v7.jpg

Bottom-up, somewhere between the preservation of what is left and the obstruction of the truth for the greater good - Viollet-le-Duc's "Scrape", and Morris' "Anti-Scrape" .... "What is it? you decide!"

Project Gallery

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