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Bonavista Biennale 2023 - Bonavista, NL
Cultural Heritage -Artistic and Script Writing on Beothuk Indigenous People
(Resisting "Extinction")

In collaboration with Carleton University's Professor and Architect K. Jake Chakasim (Cree from Mushkegowuk Territory in North Ontario), to produce ten pieces of art board panels for the August 2023 staging of the Bonavista Biennale. It was done in the spirit of the alleged extinct Beothuk Indigenous People of Newfoundland. The overall theme resists the notion of the extinction of these people on account of the European settler colonialist arrival to Turtle Island and its marine island communities. Three aspects that take the front stage are the Salt fish industry (shipped as slave food to the Americas and the West Indies), the replacement of indigenous slavery with African bodies, and the emphasis on extant Beothuk utilizing concepts in quantum physics after the proof of their DNA existence in the present day Mi'qmak.  

Programs & Method used:

  • Adobe Photoshop - Collage 

  • Hand Drawing

  • Archival Research 

Project Status: Installation is complete. To do own model. 

Art panels designed are mounted on the underside of the fish flake structure for Biennale 2023. 
Bonavista Panels Fishflakes 4.jpg

**** Fish flake structure and image credit to Prof. K. Jake Chakasim. 

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