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old naval hertiage preservaton restoration.jpg

Competencies & Professional Experiences

  • Architectural Designs & Proposals

  • Adaptive Reuse & Renovations

  • Commercial & Institutional Planning

  • Monumentation & Memory Design 

  • Urban & Landscaping Design

Art Installations and Publications

  • Artistic Interpretations - Cultural Research and Delineation, Art History, and Theoretical Concepts & Writing 

Land & Property Management

  • Feasibility Studies and Analyses

  • Conservation Management of Historic Places and Districts;

  • Site Selection & Assessment

  • Urban and Rural Landscape Heritage;

  • Heritage Cataloguing

  • Heritage Conservation and Preservation;

  • Building Surveys, Assessment, and Condition Reports;

  • Value Heritage Planning & Design; Urban Planning and Conservation; 

  • Cultural Retention and Adaptive Reuse

  •  Monument and Commemorative Conservation and Design

Research Writing and Interpretation; Cultural Analysis 

  • Value- based Historic Conservation Documentation

  • Through drawing and text - Conserving tangible and intangible heritage of the modern era and surviving indigenous epochs  

Sustainable Conservation

  • Non-destructive Preservation and Environmental Conservation; 

  • Traditional Techniques and New Materials

old naval hospital conservation 1.jpg

Adhering to the Phased Stages of Design 

1. Conceptual design 

2. Preliminary design 

3. Schematic design

4. Design development:

5. Construction Document & Permit application drawings: 

6. Detail designing - Interiors and millwork drawings

7. Construction and delivery phase 

8. Defect liability period  

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