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Mico C.A.R.E. Centre, St. Ann, Jamaica, W.I. - Architectural Conservation Reconstruction (2007)

Commissioned work for the architectural reconstruction of a satellite school office for special education for children in the historic town of St. Ann's Bay, St. Ann, Jamaica. 

What was originally a derelict house was measured and redrawn for archival recording before demolition. The decision was taken after careful examination by the Structural Engineers of the viability of the structure for human occupancy. Despite a proposal to reconstruct the building as it was and utilize adaptive reuse principles of conservation, the existing status of the crumbling stone foundation and the client's request based on institutional standards meant that reconstruction was inevitable. The request from the clients was to build a new building that reflected the colonial heritage of the historic place. 

A modern Georgian vernacular style (in the spirit of anastylosis) was employed after studying the context of the heritage community for a resolution.  

Project Status: Completed


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